Bael Himalaya- Alternative Medicine for Diarrhea and Gastrointestinal Disorders

What’s Bael?

The botanical title from the Bael fruit is ‘Aegle marmelos’. It’s generally known as as Stone apple, Bengal Quince, bel or Sirphal. Bael fruit is wealthy in nutrition. The bael fruit occupies an essential devote Ayurvedic medications due to its considerable medicinal value buy kratom online. Because this herbal remedy bears strong digestive and carminative qualities can be quite advantageous in intestinal and digestive complaints like, diarrhea and dysentery.

Bael plant act’s like a sink for chemical contaminants because it soaks up poisonous gases from atmosphere. Bael is person in plant species which is called Climate Purifier which produce maximum number of Oxygen in comparison with other plants.

Bael tree has spread over wide regions of Estern Ghat and Central India. Bael is principally present in tropical and subtropical region.

Take bael fruit and combine it with jaggery and cardamom (elaichi) powder. It can help someone to quench excessive thirst as well as prevents foul breath. Bael is taken for diabetes, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, heart illnesses, and dysentery. Not just the fruits of bael tree but additionally roots leaving are utilized in medicinal characteristics. Powder of bael tree roots leaving can be used for stopping internal wound.

The mix of powdered fruit and boiled milk helps someone to reduce anemia. Apply paste of bael fruit and mustard on paining and swelled area that can help someone to lessen the discomfort. Use bael fruit with sugar and butter that can help someone to improve memory energy. Bael herbal capsules are taken for habitual constipation, diabetes, dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, heart illnesses and dysentery.


One capsule two times each day, after foods

Note: Suggested limited to age 14 many above.

(Because the method is by means of capsules, some children below 14 years might have difficulty to swallow.)


It’s advantageous within the digestive tract. The bael fruit, leaves and roots getting anti-biotics qualities and could be utilized number of infections.

The juice of bael leaves after mixing it with honey may be used for reducing fever and catarrh.

The bark of bael tree-root that is proven ayurvedic fix for chronic inflammatory and lots of gynecological problems.

The oil prepared in the bael leaves provides the respite from recurrent common colds and respiratory system infections.

Fruit extracts of bael is definitely an efficient way of protection from the results of radiation throughout radiotherapy.

Bael can also be effective against yeast infections for example thrush or bowel infections.

Bael fruit works well for fighting scurvy, that is triggered because of ascorbic acid deficiency.

Bael foliage is wealthy in tannins which reduce inflammation and functions as a good food fix for peptic ulcer. Unwanted Effects:

No major unwanted effects happen to be reported in medical journals.

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Bael From Himalaya has strong digestive and carminative qualities, very helpful in diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal disorders.